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Shopping mall escalator safety cleaning procedures

2017-03-13 14:17:36
Cleaning range, including the landing area, ladder, handrails and 
cleaning the cleaning of the two sides of the cleaning plate cleaning 
the daily cleaning time, and the daily tour cleaning, the number of 
daily cleaning can be based on the size of the flow and specific 
standards Request. Cleaning steps to prepare - cleaning garbage - wiping 
handrails and both sides of the guard, dragging the landing area and a 
ladder of a check, finishing. Cleaning methods Automatic ladder cleaning 
work should be arranged in the small flow of noon or before the evening, 
the operating procedures and methods are as follows:
1, ready to work
 ① Prepare the necessary tools and utensils. Such as broom, mop, rag, 
dry towel, bucket and the corresponding cleaning agent. ② notify the 
elevator to close the automatic ladder, cut off the power. Place the 
"clean" sign on the upper and lower landing areas.
2, cleaning the garbage from the landing area to the next step to the 
landing area with a broom to clean the garbage.
3, wiping the handrail and the two sides of the guard will be divided 
into a number of sections (about 2m each), the glass, stainless steel 
and leather products such as spraying a little cleaning agent, and then 
followed by wet wipes wipe , After the water and then wipe with a wet 
cloth, and finally wipe the water with a dry towel.
4, drag the landing area, step ladder first landing area and stairs are 
divided into several sections (each about 4m), the mop will have been 
prepared into a good detergent bucket, picked up and wring dry, forced 
to drag the landing area , Step ladder, and then immersed in another 
bucket of water, picked up and then wring dry, repeated towing landing 
area, step ladder. Pay attention to the mop to the water is not dripping 
water is appropriate to prevent water infiltration into the trunk, 
causing the motor damp and mechanical damage.
safety regulations 
1. Make sure that the elevator is stopped for a large area of cleaning
2, to ensure that each elevator is clearly aware of the switch position 
and emergency stop button.
3. Stand in a safe place for cleaning.
 4. If you need to clean the elevator when running, you can not use the 
mop, can only use the broom, so as not to be the edge of the runway, 
comb plate, etc. to catch or drag the tool.
 5. Hand-held elevator comb plate, rungs, aprons are "high-risk zone", 
the gap between them easy to catch small objects. Therefore, in the hand 
lift when standing, do not step on the yellow security warning line, and 
the two cascade connected to the site, otherwise it will be due to the 
height of the steps before and after the fall. And before entering the 
escalator, to tie the shoelaces;
6. Make sure that the cleaning staff are well coordinated with the 
engineering staff before cleaning to prevent other personnel from 
opening the elevator during the cleaning process.
7, can not see the elevator outage that can lift the elevator, and some 
relevant elevator elevator personnel to confirm the elevator in the 
outage state.
8. Clean the elevator when the tools can not use small parts, so as not 
to fall.

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