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Elevator accessories in the safety of the elevator to learn to identify

2017/5/5 11:05:18
Safe to take the elevator to learn to identify
A, three cases, more careful:
1, the elevator fails to stop running.
2, the elevator running suddenly accelerated.
3, the elevator is running exceptionally or coke burnt flavor.
B, into the fault elevator to be alert:
1, (no matter how several floors) as soon as possible to each floor of the keys are pressed.
Description: When the emergency power supply moves the elevator can immediately stop and continue to fall.
2, if the elevator has a handle, one hand grip handle.
Description: In order to fix your location, so that you will not fall because of the center of gravity instability.
3, the entire back with the head close to the elevator wall, was a straight line.
Description: In order to use the elevator wall as the protection of the spine.
4, knee was bent posture.
Description: The most important thing is because the ligament is the only body with a flexible body of the body, so borrow the knee to withstand the blow pressure, than the bones to bear the pressure to the big.
5, to mention the heel, is the foot pad. When the elevator is small, it is best to start his arms to grasp the handle or elevator wall.
C, before entering the elevator should pay attention to observation
1, take the elevator, if the elevator is running abnormal or elevator inside the burnt smell, should be disabled and promptly told the maintenance staff, and placed in the elevator warning signs.
2, do not take the "overage" and do not meet the standards of the elevator.
3, parents should teach children how to take the elevator properly, and how to deal with the occurrence of elevator accidents.
4, do not jump in the elevator, up and down the elevator do not push each other.
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