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Zhejiang Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau sampling 71 batches of elevator parts products all qualified

2016/12/21 10:47:12

China quality news according to the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision in November 30th official website news, recently, the sample of 71 companies in four areas of Hangzhou, Huzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing and other 71 batches of elevator parts products, unqualified 0 batches, batch failure rate of 0%.

Quality supervision departments to remind the purchase, elevator parts products, manufacturers should try to view the relevant research, manufacturing qualification, quality control records, type test report, supervision and on-site inspection reports and other information, production equipment and production process, quality control is a good buy elevator parts enterprise production.

Summary of results of supervision and sampling of elevator parts and components in 2016

Release time: 2016 years November

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