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Steel wire rope brake for elevator fittings

2016/12/29 9:30:16
Brake of elevator accessories wire rope is lift up overspeed protection device, which is controlled by the governor, connected with the steel wire brake when the speed limiter exceeds the rated speed when passing through the brake line tension, the clamping rope mechanical trigger, first cut off the host power control, make the engine lost power, the clamping force generated by the wedge structure.
The performance meets the requirements of GB7588-2003 standard;
- for steel light structure;
The clamping force generated by the wedge structure, safe and reliable;
- the rope gripper can be used with various types of speed limiter;
The installation method is simple, without removing the wire rope can be installed;
The installation structure without changing the elevator system;
Rope gripper using long-life friction materials - Factory production;
The repeated action, no wear, no damage to the wire rope.
Technical parameter:
1 model: SBH303
2 traction ratio: 1:1
3 rated speed: 0.25m/s ~ 1.75m/s
4 system quality: 1600kg ~ 3600kg
5 rated load: 600kg ~ 1600kg
6 wire diameter: 8mm ~ 16mm Phi Phi
7 mechanical trigger force: 80N ~ 130N
Up protection device SBH303 (2:1) rope clamp
1 model: SBH303 rope clamp
2 traction ratio: 2:1
3 rated speed: 0.25m/s ~ 1.75m/s
4 system quality: 3200kg ~ 7200kg
5 rated load: 1200kg ~ 3200kg
6 wire diameter: 8mm ~ 16mm Phi Phi
7 mechanical trigger: 80N ~ 130N
Using a support power limiter bracket at rest by upward, the control rope adjusting function of mechanical linkage, speeding up electrical / mechanical action / control rope rope clamping pressure spring energy rope movement, the traction force, "80N, to ensure that the 100% mechanical action.

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